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MODEL::Eigenvalues Class Template Reference

#include <eigenvalues.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef NT::number numT
typedef NT::vect vect
typedef NT::matrix matrix
typedef NT::vf vf
typedef NumericTraits<complex,

Public Methods

 Eigenvalues (const matrix &ma)
const vect& real (void)
const vect& imag (void)

Private Methods

const matrix& balance (void)
const matrix& hessenberg (void)
void calculate (void)
 NO_COPY (Eigenvalues)

Private Attributes

matrix m
vect wr
vect wi

Static Private Attributes

const number radix = 2.

Detailed Description

template<integer dims, typename nelem = number, class NT = NumericTraits<nelem,dims>> class MODEL::Eigenvalues

Returns the eigenvalues of a nonsymmetrix matrix

Definition at line 34 of file eigenvalues.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Eigenvalues ( const matrix & ma ) [inline]

Calculate upon initialisation

Definition at line 46 of file eigenvalues.h.

Member Function Documentation

NO_COPY ( Eigenvalues<dims, nelem, NT> ) [private]

No copy or assign

const Eigenvalues< dims, nelem, NT >::matrix & balance ( void ) [private]

Return the balanced matrix.

Balances the matrix for more accurate calculation. From NRC

Definition at line 255 of file eigenvalues.h.

Referenced by calculate().

void calculate ( void ) [private]

Calculate the eigenvalues explicitly. From NRC [hqr]

Definition at line 84 of file eigenvalues.h.

Referenced by Eigenvalues().

const Eigenvalues< dims, nelem, NT >::matrix & hessenberg ( void ) [private]

Return het Hessenberg form. Converts the matrix to upper Hessenberg form thru Gaussian pivoting. From NRC

Definition at line 320 of file eigenvalues.h.

Referenced by calculate().

const vect & imag ( void ) [inline]

Get the imag part

Definition at line 53 of file eigenvalues.h.

const vect & real ( void ) [inline]

Get the real part

Definition at line 50 of file eigenvalues.h.

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