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MODEL::LineSearch Class Template Reference

#include <linesearch.h>

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Public Types

typedef NT::number numT
typedef NT::vect vect
typedef NormFunction<dims,NT> nf
typedef NT::vf vf

Public Methods

 LineSearch (vf &fu, bool own=false)
 ~LineSearch ()
void operator() (const vect &uold, const numT fold, vect &grad, vect &p, vect &u, numT &f, numT maxstep)
bool converged (void)
nf& norm (void)
 LineSearch (const LineSearch &ls)

Static Public Attributes

const number alfa = 1e-4
const number tolerance = 1e-7

Private Attributes

vf* func
nf fmin
bool tooclose
bool owned

Detailed Description

template<integer dims, class NT = NumericTraits<number,dims>> class MODEL::LineSearch

Implements a line search for real multidim functions

Definition at line 33 of file linesearch.h.

Member Function Documentation

nf & norm ( void ) [inline]

Returns the internal NormFunction, so one can use this to calculate it without having to define an auxillary function

Definition at line 64 of file linesearch.h.

void operator() ( const vect & uold,
const numT fold,
vect & grad,
vect & p,
vect & u,
numT & f,
numT maxstep )

implements a line searching and backtracking algoritm for a real function of the <dims> variable (the norm, actually), as described in NRC.

uold   the previous point
fold   the function value
grad   the gradient
p   the newton direction (calculated from the Jacobian+LU decomposition)
u   a new point, where the function has decreased (hopefully)
f   the function value in the new point
maxstep   the largest step allowed

Definition at line 87 of file linesearch.h.

Member Data Documentation

const number alfa = 1e-4 [static]

Fraction of step to take at least

Definition at line 80 of file linesearch.h.

const number tolerance = 1e-7 [static]

Tolerance to see if the new point is too close. Usually signals convergence

Definition at line 82 of file linesearch.h.

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