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MODEL::TickTock Class Reference

#include <ticktock.h>

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Public Methods

 TickTock (TimeFrame &T, time resolution)
virtual void tick ()=0
const counter& get_resmatch (void)
TimeFrame& get_timeframe (void)

Private Methods

void execute (void)

Private Attributes

counter resmatch

Detailed Description

Base mix-in class for ticktocks: anything that should be called when the time changes by one tick: odesystem, probes, etc...
Re-evaluate the timing model: there are problems when TickTock get nested and multiple ticktocks are attached to the same system. Each one is then evaluated sequentially for the number of steps needed inside the master timeframe!

Definition at line 40 of file ticktock.h.

Member Function Documentation

void execute ( void ) [private, virtual]

Called by Cowner(In this case, TimeFrame) to make things work

Reimplemented from MODEL::Cycler.

Definition at line 38 of file ticktock.cpp.

const counter & get_resmatch ( void ) [inline]

Return the number of times the resolution fits inside the masters TimeFrame's

Definition at line 49 of file ticktock.h.

Referenced by execute().

void tick ( ) [pure virtual]

called to make things work, for each one

Reimplemented in MODEL::Modulator, MODEL::ODESystem, MODEL::GenericProbe, MODEL::Probe, and MODEL::SwitchProbe.

Referenced by execute().

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