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MODEL::NewtonRoot Class Template Reference

#include <newtonroot.h>

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Public Types

typedef NT::number numT
typedef NT::vect vect
typedef NT::matrix matrix
typedef NT::vf vf
typedef VectorFunction<dims,

Public Methods

 NewtonRoot (vf &f, bool own=false)
 ~NewtonRoot ()
 NewtonRoot (const NewtonRoot &nr)
virtual NewtonRoot* clone () const
virtual const vect& function (vect &fu, const vect &startu)
bool wrong_min (void)
bool no_root (void)

Static Public Attributes

const integer maxiterations = 10000
const numT tolerancef = 1.E-8
const numT tolerancemin = 1.E-6
const numT maxstep = 100.
const numT tolerancex = 1.E-8

Private Attributes

vf* func
bool owned
bool wrongmin
bool noroot
LineSearch<dims,NT> ls
Jacobian<dims,NT> fdjac

Detailed Description

template<integer dims, typename nelem = number, class NT = NumericTraits<nelem,dims>> class MODEL::NewtonRoot

Finds a root of the vectorfunction.

Definition at line 38 of file newtonroot.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NewtonRoot ( const NewtonRoot<dims, nelem, NT> & nr ) [inline]

Copy constructor needed for clone(). The function not copied !

Definition at line 54 of file newtonroot.h.

Referenced by clone().

Member Function Documentation

NewtonRoot * clone ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Virtual Copy Constructor

Reimplemented from MODEL::VectorFunction.

Definition at line 58 of file newtonroot.h.

const NewtonRoot< dims, nelem, NT >::vect & function ( vect & fu,
const vect & startu ) [virtual]

Implement this function to create the return vector. fu is a reference to where the values should be stored. This is for efficiency in internal routines. Inherited classes should return fu too.

Reimplemented from MODEL::VectorFunction.

Definition at line 103 of file newtonroot.h.

bool no_root ( void ) [inline]

Have we run out of options

Definition at line 70 of file newtonroot.h.

bool wrong_min ( void ) [inline]

Is this a correct minimum

Definition at line 67 of file newtonroot.h.

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