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MODEL::RootScan Class Template Reference

#include <rootscan.h>

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Public Types

typedef NT::vf vf
typedef NT::vect vect

Public Methods

 RootScan (vf &tobescanned, const string &param, vect starter=1.)
 RootScan (vf &tobescanned)
void add_start (const vect start)
const ScanList<dims,nelem,NT>& scan (const number &from, const number &to, const counter &n)

Public Attributes

list< NumVector<dims,nelem,
NT> > 

Static Public Methods

bool all (const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint &p)
bool stable (const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint &p)
bool unstable (const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint &p)
bool positive (const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint &p)
bool negative (const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint &p)

Private Attributes

vf* f
number* _p
ScanList<dims,nelem,NT> roots
number dummy

Detailed Description

template<integer dims, typename nelem = number, class NT = NumericTraits<nelem,dims>> class MODEL::RootScan

A class which will scan a vectorfunction over a parameter range and return a ScanList containing the roots for each value of the parameter, together with the eigenvalues

For the rootfinder, it would be classy if we would be able to specify the order of magnitude we expect the different vars to have, and use this to better estimate starting points

Definition at line 326 of file rootscan.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RootScan ( vf & tobescanned,
const string & param,
vect starter = 1. ) [inline]


Definition at line 333 of file rootscan.h.

RootScan ( vf & tobescanned ) [inline]

Added as a convenience: we want to find only the roots of the system at the point it is right now: the parameter has been set by other means

Definition at line 346 of file rootscan.h.

Member Function Documentation

void add_start ( const vect start ) [inline]

Add other possible starting points

Definition at line 352 of file rootscan.h.

bool all ( const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint & p ) [inline, static]

select all

Definition at line 454 of file rootscan.h.

bool positive ( const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint & p ) [inline, static]

select positive ones - this assumes that the function is the first element of the parpoint

Definition at line 472 of file rootscan.h.

const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT > & scan ( const number & from,
const number & to,
const counter & n ) [inline]


Definition at line 358 of file rootscan.h.

bool stable ( const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint & p ) [inline, static]

select stable ones - this assumes the real parts of the eigenvalues are the second element of the parpoint and that we are working in a 3d system.

Definition at line 458 of file rootscan.h.

Referenced by unstable().

bool unstable ( const ScanList< dims, nelem, NT >::parpoint & p ) [inline, static]

select unstable ones - see note for stable

Definition at line 466 of file rootscan.h.

Member Data Documentation

list< NumVector< dims, nelem, NT > > def_starters

A list of starting points to use

Definition at line 498 of file rootscan.h.

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