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MODEL::ScanList Class Template Reference

#include <rootscan.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef NT::vect vect
typedef vector< NumVector<
dims,nelem,NT> > 
typedef list<parpointparpointlist
typedef map<number,parpointlistdatalist

Public Methods

typedef bool criteria (const parpoint &)
void clear ()
parpointlist get_solution (number param)
void add_point (const vect &v)
void add_param (const number &param)
ScanList select (criteria ifthis) const
void print_raw (ostream &out)
ScanList operator+= (const ScanList< dims, nelem > &extra)
void print_list (ostream &out, const number &accuracy=1.)
datalist& get_data (void)

Private Attributes

datalist dat
parpoint p

Detailed Description

template<integer dims, typename nelem = number, class NT = NumericTraits<nelem,dims>> class MODEL::ScanList

A class to store a parameter scan. Very ad hoc fro the moment and not flexible at all

Definition at line 43 of file rootscan.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef vector< NumVector< dims, nelem, NT > > parpoint

a parpoint is a list of vectors, any number of them. In practice, the first is the solutions, the second the real part of the eigenvalues and the third the imaginary part

Definition at line 53 of file rootscan.h.

typedef list< parpoint > parpointlist

a parpointlist is for example all the parpoints which belong to one specific parameter value. Hence it will be associated thru a map to a value

Definition at line 59 of file rootscan.h.

Member Function Documentation

void add_param ( const number & param ) [inline]

Finalize: add the parpoint to the parpointlist for a certain parameter, and clear it

Definition at line 85 of file rootscan.h.

Referenced by operator+=().

void add_point ( const vect & v ) [inline]

Add a point to the newest parpoint

Definition at line 78 of file rootscan.h.

Referenced by operator+=().

void clear ( ) [inline]

Clear out everything

check if this doe not leak

Definition at line 68 of file rootscan.h.

typedef bool criteria(const parpoint &) ( const parpoint & )

a function which returns true when the point is "good"

parpointlist get_solution ( number param ) [inline]

Find the closest solutions

Definition at line 71 of file rootscan.h.

ScanList operator+= ( const ScanList< dims, nelem > & extra ) [inline]

Add two lists together. Good to generate plots for a certain parameter, varying another

Definition at line 140 of file rootscan.h.

void print_list ( ostream & out,
const number & accuracy = 1. ) [inline]

writes out a sorted list (gnuplot style - not clean, I know, and much too long to be included, but it works

accuracy   defines the strictness of the sorter. It tells you by a factor of how much the roots and eigenvalues have to match
FIXED: printlist eats all the data, and nothing is left afterwards. So: we have to make a copy first
We should look for the closest match !!!

Definition at line 174 of file rootscan.h.

void print_raw ( ostream & out ) [inline]

write out a sorted list (due to the map), but raw for the rest. If you want continuous linked regions, look at print_list

Definition at line 115 of file rootscan.h.

ScanList select ( criteria ifthis ) const [inline]

select a part of the list, the rest is discarded. Returns the new list. Note: no use is made of remove_if from the STL, which would be the better way to go. Time...

Definition at line 94 of file rootscan.h.

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